22–25 September 2019 | Münster | Germany

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Short course


Short course: Accretionary prisms in subduction earthquake cycles: Application of the dynamic Coulomb wedge theory (Armin Dielforder, GFZ Potsdam)

Date: Saturday, 21.09.2019

Place: CIP-Pool, IGP, Corrensstraße 24, 48149 Münster

Duration: 3 x 2 hours + 1 hour breaks in total (for example 10:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Target group: MSc, PhD, Postdocs

Participants: 10 maximum

Tools: Computer, Matlab (will be provided)

This short course will provide an introduction into the dynamic Coulomb wedge theory and its application to accretionary prisms in subduction earthquake cycles. We will address the mechanics of megathrusts at different stages of the subduction earthquake cycle and explore its impact on the stress state and deformation in accretionary prisms. We will examine hands-on examples from the recent literature using Matlab. The ready-to-use Matlab script will be provided and can be taken along. Knowledge of Matlab is useful but no requirement.



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